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About International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting

The International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting (ISFFA), formerly known as The International Society of Young Filipino Accountants (ISYFA) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation whose primary goal is to assist, educate, train and mentor emerging professionals, both domestically as well as globally.

It is a known fact that immigrants who arrive in the United States have an extremely difficult time assimilating into the American way of life – both professionally as well as socially. Common difficulties experienced are: speech, business development, medical and dental, the U.S. banking system, lifestyle, personal practices, and cultural differences. These obstacles often times prove overwhelming to an individual with no help or mentor there to assist them. Personal experiences from many such individuals – including many of the founding group members, demonstrated how such initial barriers left deep scars of insecurity and uncertainty thus providing effective roadblocks to development and integration into their new home and preventing them from developing professionally.

Most newly arrived individuals find themselves stretched financially, due to the big gap in the currency exchange and the comparatively very high cost of living. Such individuals often have extreme difficulty in finding jobs – not only in their chosen field of study or experience, but in virtually all professions. This creates additional difficulties in providing immediate support for their families.

ISFFA will assist both domestic and immigrating professionals in several important ways:

Provide Assistance and Support for New Immigrants:

Understanding the great need to provide information and financial resources for the newly arrived individuals, ISFFA intends to:

1. Devise an Orientation package that will inform and assist newly arrived Filipinos and other immigrants in the U.S. For example, new arrivals require assistance in establishing themselves in the community. ISFFA may provide language translation in getting social security cards, leasing apartments, medical and dental assistance requirements, drivers licenses, as well as other state required documentation, suggestions for good schools, other basic social and cultural needs.

2. Promote a socially friendly and responsive environment among the Filipinos, minority groups and Americans in their respective communities.

3. Assist in providing professional continuing education and mentoring when needed – not only to the professional him or herself, but also to the community at large.

Provide Assistance and Support to Professionals:

ISFFA employs a somewhat unique approach to foster success of the Filipino and other professionals through the use of the following:

1. An interactive Adviser/Mentor program. This mechanism provides members with both professional and emotional support. Many members will struggle as they attempt to advance their professional careers. They are often challenged by the rapidly-changing world economies, by living in a new country, dealing with new language issues, confronted by cultural issues or perhaps faced with seemingly insurmountable professional and technical issues. Capitalizing on the extensive knowledge and experiences of the Mentors - mature professionals already having made that successful integration into American society - will prove to be the absolute difference to many of our members and the community at large.

2. Continuing Professional Education (CPE). ISFFA will host CPE programs, seminars and workshops to its members and to the public at large. A minimal fee will be charged to offset the costs of the programs, discounted fees or possibly no charge to those who wish to attend but have little or no means of support. The CPE program will reinforce the high ideals of technical competence, ethical conduct, and integrity and will elevate our members stature in the accounting profession and boardrooms, marking them more clearly than ever as integral members of management. ISFFA expects to conduct three to four such programs each fiscal year.

3. Periodic Newsletters. ISFFA’s quarterly newsletter will provide an avenue whereby its programs are disseminated to the Filipino and other communities and professional organizations. It will allow for immediate feedback and reciprocity: a process of providing technical, social, cultural, and general information to the membership and public as well as receiving and understanding the ongoing needs of its constituents.

Provide Scholarships to Deserving Students:

ISFFA plans to set up a fund to be able to provide scholarships to deserving students and leaders. The Board will assign a Scholarship Committee to develop the criteria for the award recipients and oversee its implementation.

Provide Financial Support to Victims of Calamities:

We live in a world exposed daily to natural as well as man-made calamities. ISFFA’s Board and members share in the belief of helping those who are in need and giving back to the communities. ISFFA plans to set up a fund to be able to help victims of calamities.

Resource for Out of Job professionals:

ISFFA founders and members are from some of the world’s largest professional firms as well as from mid-size and smaller professional firms. ISFFA aims to attract professionals on a global basis, primarily throughout North America and the Philippines. ISFFA’s global network will provide a resource of various employment opportunities to any and all members or individuals outside the organization.

Participate in Social and Business Networking Activities:

Social and business networking is important to cultivate our relationship with one another as well as with other international organizations in the furtherance of ISFFA interests. Activities include a Bowling Night and a Career Fair. Community Service activities are also being currently organized.

Today’s generation of young Filipino accountants and finance professionals are quickly becoming a global model for education, creativity, ambition, and loyalty – and the accounting world is beginning to take notice. Both older and newer emerging world markets continue to thrust rapidly onto the global economic stage. This dramatic transformation of world economies and markets calls for the “modern breed” of professionals. It is exactly for these reasons that a new dynamic organization called the “International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting” (“ISFFA”) was formed.

Current Officers

The International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting Chicago Chapter are led by dedicated Filipino accounting and finance professionals, most of whom are also Certified Public Accountants” in the United States. Below are the current officers of the ISFFA Chicago Chapter.

Andrew Guerrero
Supervisor, Adelfia LLC

Executive Vice-President
Charlene Baccay
Audit Senior, Adelfia LLC

Ruth Hajduk
Former Auditor, Adelfia LLC

Emmanuel Mijares
Senior Accountant, Adelfia LLC

VP – Leadership
Ian Mendoza
Senior Manager of SOX Compliance, Anixter

VP - Membership
Jasmin Pineda
Accountant, Adelfia LLC

VP – Advertising & Promotion
Marchesa Nieto
IT Audit Senior , HUB Group

VP – Mentorship
Mark Tan
CEO, T Capital Management LLC

VP – Outreach & Community Service
Katrina Chavez
Finance Manager, Assure Home Health Care, Inc.

VP – External Affairs
Kathlyn Talapian
Tax Senior, Deloitte LLP