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Member's Benefits:
The International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting have four different types of membership and some of the benefits for such a membership are listed below.

  • Scholarship, Mentorship, and Internship
  • Opportunities
  • Access to Assistance Programs for Higher Education
  • Participate in fund-raising events
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Local Chapter Networking Events, Receptions and Programs
  • Access to Job Opportunities
  • Professional and Student Career Fair & Expo
  • Continuing Professional Education Courses
  • Professional Student Leadership Programs
Personal Development
  • Assistance in transitioning from Philippine lifestyle to the U.S.
  • Leadership Skills
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Community Service
Professional Development
  • Management Skills
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Diversity Awareness and Training
Business Development
  • Business Mixers
  • Marketing Channel
  • Resource Portal

Membership Renewal
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*Membership renewal are valid for 12 months from date of processing.